D'Mario Design


Website & Mobile App Admin

Maintaining a strong online presence may require frequent updates & fresh content to keep your audience engaged. We’ll help with this ongoing task by providing the skills & expertise to upload new content, refresh existing pages of your website/app & ensure proper SEO optimization throughout.

Domain & Web Host Admin

Your website/app is made up of data & files that can only be viewed online if hosted by a secure web server & linked to a domain name. We’ll setup & maintain these vital elements, ensuring your website/app remains properly secured & accessible at all times. Utilize our in-house web hosting service or select a third-party provider.

Monthly Maintenance Check

Many websites/apps require regular system updates to ensure everything runs smoothly. We’ll check-in each month to perform proper maintenance & carry out updates that keep your website/app bug-free & optimized for best performance.

ADditional Web SERVICES

SEO Analysis & Optimization

SEO is one of the best ways to improve online presence. We can help optimize the pages of your website/app for search engines & work with you to analyze & refine your current SEO strategy.

Scheduled Maintenance

We’re always available as you need help & web support. Schedule content updates, maintenance checks & anything else needed along the way for your website/app. There isn’t much that we can’t handle.