photo manipulation • photo retouch • print layout design

As an ongoing client, working with D’Mario Design to explore and develop the art direction for his brand of music, Metane recently reached out to us for the creation of the cover artwork and disc label for his 2016 self-entitled album, “Metane.” Wanting to highlight key elements from the cover of his debut album, “Divided Mind,” the Orlando-based entertainer brought along the idea to take an image of his face and style it as a mirror image of the cracked ventriloquist dummy head depicted within the album’s cover artwork. In addition, Metane requested that the artwork created for his new album would appear as an extension of the artwork created for his 2015 EP, entitled “Before,” when presented side-by-side. Now finalized, each piece created for the packaging of “Metane” has been meticulously designed with a number of hidden details that (once noticed) establish the connection between the duplicated elements of his previous album covers and the story that continues to unfold throughout his new music. The 2016 self-entitled album, “Metane,” is now available everywhere online, including iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.