VERNAC reaches out to D’Mario Design with a special request.

In preparation for the release of a new single entitled ‘Fast Food,’ Nite Vision Entertainment Records’ recording artist, Ryan ‘VERNAC’ Taylor was in need of a designer who could help him bring the idea for his single’s cover artwork to life. After a friendly recommendation, the Las Vegas-based entertainer gave D’Mario Design a call to discuss the project he had in mind. Explaining his new song as “a satirical metaphor for the young women in society who are negatively influenced by the industry-standard of physical attractiveness,” VERNAC hoped to visually present his concept with a bold depiction that would make a memorable impact on his viewers and listeners.

I’d like to see myself and ‘Marlo Da Martian’ (featured artist), as caricatures, in a vintage Corvette-inspired convertible, sitting outside of a restaurant with an old-school ‘fast food drive-thru’ sign pointing towards it – but instead of an actual restaurant, I want the sign to be pointing towards a giant set of trucker lady legs.

D’Mario Design took the idea and ran with it, creating a few rough sketches in order to establish a layout for the composition, along with developing a caricature style for the two entertainers to be included within the artwork. Once the layout and caricature styles were finalized, the next step would be to create a more detailed ink illustration – to scan and digitally enhance with color and labeling.
"Fast Food" Process Work

After finalizing the ink illustration and while working through the digital process of enhancing the artwork, a significant change for the composition’s backdrop was proposed by VERNAC. Originally designed as a red carpet drive-thru entrance with a city skyline in the distance, the new plan for background would be to recreate it, this time as a traditional drive-thru parking lot entrance without any sign of connection to society in sight. This strategic touch was an effort to better communicate the idea of the song’s metaphor, as well as put a higher level of significance on the three main elements within the illustration in which VERNAC aimed to highlight; the two entertainers in their vintage convertible, along with the retro-styled restaurant sign and (of course) the ‘giant set of trucker lady legs.’ After a few additional finishing touches, VERNAC ultimately had a cover for his new single that communicated his controversial, yet satirical message in bold fashion. ‘Fast Food’ will be digitally released and distributed via Universal Music Group in early 2016.

View the finalized artwork for ‘Fast Food’ in D’Mario Design’s portfolio!

"Fast Food" Working Progress/End Product

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